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Wallet size cards:

These cards are 3x5" and are intended to fit in your wallet so that you can carry them with you, so you can pull it out when you need a boost of positive energy. Each card has been printed on coated cardstock  so it will last a long time. They also come with a kraft envelope andhas a message on the back which is much shorter than the 5x7 cards.  Great for gifts for someone who may be in the hospital etc.


Greeting Cards:

These Greeting cards are perfect for a mantle or to be framed, they were created in tender loving care and printed on linen card stock, and also have the full blessing printed on the inside of the card. Makes a great for a gift for any holiday and also for any reason.


Blessing Cards:

Hello and I am hoping you are having a beautiful day, these Laminated Blessing cards are perfect for a mantle or even in the visor of your car to protect you  in your travels.


They are laminated to withstand under all possible circumstances; crying when reading, handling on a regular basis, placing under the pillow, placing on your person that may need the healing.


8x10  Linen Prints


These prints are made with tender loving care; are printed on heavy card stock linen paper and they too have the full blessing printed on the back of the print.


Whenever you need a positive boost, healing or loving feeling just read the message on the back...for each of them has a blessing which the Angel have shared with Toni.


These Angels so love blessing as many beautiful souls as possible, will you be the next soul to receive the blessing?


They are all made with love and each one is hand signed by Toni Tirapelli, Universal Power Healer, Intuitive and Prophetic Artist. they are created on Linen paper and then Laminated to last for a long while. Each card comes with an envelope to preserve it and or give to another as a gift.



"Angels Coming Together"

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