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About the Founder


I am Toni Tirapelli, the Founder of Universal Power Healing and have been serving our society for many years. I have a  wholehearted approach to healing. I believe in using a combination of many healing modalities I am not a one size fits all. For everyone is different and deserves specialized healing , Especially You at this very moment in time.

I am an intuitive wholehearted healer and the results have been incredible and I could not be any happier being of service to our Planet Earth and humanity! 

I have been trained in many modalities of healing.  Discovered through direct connect with our Universal Power how healing was intended to be. We all have what it takes inside to heal ourselves. I am guided through each session by our; Universal Power of Heavenly Father, Mother Earth, the Angelic realm and the ascended masters to name a few. I know we need the powers of of all for ultimate healing. 

I also connect with your higher self for more information needed for YOUR complete healing. Through the intervention of all we remove blocks, anguish, pain, suffering and unwanted thoughts to name a few, that may be stopping you from being the best that you can be to serve your purpose here on Earth!


I invite you to allow me to serve you!



Toni Tirapelli

Universal Power Healer



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