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Angel Paintings and Prints

"Blessed By And Angel Healing"

"Blessed By an Angel" Paintings are to bring peace and healing to the hearts and souls of all that lay their eyes upon each piece, for they are an extension of

Universal Power Healing.

Please Click on the paintings above and feel the Healing energy that they are exuding. These Angels love to bless and heal your Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Gaze upon each of them and when you find one or more that touches your heart and soul that is the one that has a message for you.

The descriptions of the paintings are not the blessings, the blessings are in depth and touch your Heart and Soul deeply.

Each of them come in sizes ranging from wallet size to 18x24 (larger sizes are available upon request) linen prints and canvas prints. prices are from $3-$925. All come with a certificate of authenticity which are all signed by Toni Tirapelli the Intuitive and Prophetic artist. Each piece came to Toni as a vision as well as the healing message which comes with Each of the Angels.

Once you have seen the Angel that you are interested in, please find it below and click on the pick and then choose the size and type you would like to purchase.

With Love Always and in All Ways,

Toni Tirapelli

Universal Power Healer, Intuitive and Prophetic Artist


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