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 "If your feeling stuck and unable to focus, with worry on your mind you need this meditation! Calm yourself into it's bliss. The sounds and tones are like no other I've heard before. They send me into a deepened relax state that fills me with concentration and energy. You can't find something like this anywhere it is truly one of a kind."


Cheyenne Jeff



This meditation is the sound of beautiful tones and was created for your relaxation, as you listen to this meditation you will be filled with unconditional Love and Peace and all anxiety will dissolve into nothingness. Each of the tone sends healing to an organ, if you concentrate on the tones you can feel the healing in each organ. Toning is truly amazing.


You can listen to it during meditation or while you are working, so you can stay calm and focused, not driving and or operating heavy equipment.

There are subliminals in this mediation which are filling your cells, ogans, heart with unconditional love and peace.

This is an hour long meditation, may it give you the Peace and Healing that you deserve.


Enjoy and much love and Light to you always.

Universal Power Healing and Toni Tirapelli

Healing Light and Love

  • Toni Tirapelli has been gifted with being able to directly communicating with; the Angelic realm, assended Masters and other light workers. As a result she channels each and every meditation from her guides, they tell her what the mediation will address and they share with her the subliminals they want her to use and what music they want her to produce.

    Toni's purpose is to bring the listener peace and welbeing in all areas of their life.


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