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Healing Modalities

Energy Healing

      Angelic Reiki

      Access Consciousness

      Universal Power Healing

      Chakra Cleansing and Attunement

      Cleansing the Aura

Frequency Healing

       Mopa and plasma


       Halo Biophotonic Therapy

Far Infrared Healing

       Sauna Far Infrared


       Healing Mat


       Platinum Aura Healing Mat

Crystal Healing

       Chakra Cleansing and Attunement    

       enhanced with Halo technology

       and crystals

       Crystal healing enhanced with Halo

       for specific ailments

       Healing Mat

       Platinum Aura Healing Mat

       Angel paintings with Crushed Crystals



Universal POWER Healing Sessions



Individual Healing

Individual healing is very effective. It can be done over the phone in person. We start with basic issues  and as we start with the healing more is revealed throughout the session. It is an incredible way of getting to the root of the problem, block or issue. Once it is cleared it is gone. 


Group Healing

​Group healing can take place on a conference call, which means we can reach many more persons and all over the world. Another way is at an event. Just as effective, the vibration gets raised and the effect is awesome on all involved if in fact they are open to receive.


Soul Healing

This is the first healing that must take place. Our soul has been around for quite awhile and has accumulated many years of energy, Karma and blockages. During the Soul healing session we work on clearing any blockages that are at the soul level, we clear any bad Karma at the Soul Level, and bad energy that is stuck in your soul level.

Heart Healing

During the Heart healing, we work on repairing broken hearts from broken relationships of the past and present, removing feelings that have been harmful to our hearts and has limited us from being the best that we can  be. 


Mind Healing

When healing our mind, we are working with limiting belief systems that keep up in fear, doubt and sadness. We need to free ourselves from these thoughts in order to thrive in our life and know that we are able to thrive in every part of our life.


Body Healing

There are many reasons why we are feeling aches and pains, have disease and other physical ailments. We are able to help with many of these by changing belief systems pertaining to those areas.


Animal healing

We do healing on animals, our animals have also experienced a lot of trauma in their live as well. We provide the same services for our loving Furry humans! I love my Furry Humans!!!!


Specific Healing

We bless homes, vehicles and other inaniment objects, which also prevent us from being the best that we can be.

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