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I am so happy to see and know that you are willing to help our homeless population. This has truly gotten out of hand and it is time that we all join together to make a change. There are a group of us coming together for this huge feat an we need your support to make it all come together.

Some of the Stats to think about:

There are approximately 500,000 homeless across the nation

Families with children represent 30% of the U.S. homeless population, and an additional 6% are adults under the age of 25

Our intentions are the following:

Release all blockages holding these beautiful souls from moving forward in their lives.

Heal from the damage that they have endured from being homeless.

Heal from the trauma that led them down this path anywhere from; emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, generational trauma, trauma from addictions.

Release and reverse damage from the above traumas and addictions.

There are also so many more aspects to the healing process and transformation of these beautiful souls.

We will begin by providing Healing Wraps which have been tried by many and will bring much needed support and healing to these beautiful souls.


Some of the relief that has been experienced are as follows:

       Releasing anxiety

       Releasing physical pain

       Releasing emotional pain

       Bringing calmness to the mind and body

       Able to think clearly

       Release fatigue

We will then be having a complete weekend of healing, empowering and guiding these beautiful souls to a productive life.

The Weekend will consist of:

       Healing from generational Trauma

       Healing wrap therapy

       Universal Power Healing Therapy

       Biophotonic Therapy

       Healthy meals and nutritional support

       and so much more

This will take place in May, the 6th and 7th 2023

I will be handing out the wraps locally and posting more pictures and videos of the beautiful souls receiving them. So be sure to check back on a regular basis.

If you feel called to support a homeless individual with a healing wrap please donate here

For more information:



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