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Thank you for helping bring a smile to a Child's Heart and Soul in Need. With your help, we will be giving this blessed Angel painting titled, 

"Angels are coming to Help You", to as many children as possible in Hospitals across America and the World. We will be starting in California and radiating the love and peace to far reaches around our globe. Our first fundraising goal is to reach 1,111 children and gift them with the blessed paintings. We will be updating with pictures and videos of the children receiving the paintings, so that you can see the Joy that you helped bring to them. 


It is our mission to give each child a blessed painting that will bring their spirits up and in turn aid in the healing process. The children will be able to take the paintings home; so that their spirits will always be raised and feel the love and peace from these Angels  who came to help them. 


If this speaks to your heart, please join in with your heartfelt donation and be an extension of bringing a smile and peace to the heart and souls of these beautiful children.


Sending Blessings of Love, Appreciation and Gratitude to Your Heart and Soul,


Universal Power Healing Family


Sponsorship levels:


                            Helping hand Level:  $25                       Gratitude Certificate and Acknowledgement on Website and in Program and a                                                                                         set of 3 4.5x5.5 Universal Power Healing Art postcards


                            SupportLevel:           $50                       Gratitude Certificate and Acknowledgement on Website and in Program set of                                                                                        6 4.5x5.5 Univeral Power Healing Art postcards


                            Smile Level:              $75                       Gratitude Certificate and Acknowledgement on Website and in Program a                                                                                              8x10 plaque with the 4.5x5.5 "Your Angels are coming for you"  picture                                                                                                mounted on it for your office or home


                       Embrace Level:         $150                      Smile level plus 1 seat at the Appreciation Dinner


                       Joy Level:                 $500                     Embrace Level plus 1 more seat (2 total) at the Appreciation Dinner and logo                                                                                          on Universal Power Healing Website.


                       Peace Level:            $1,500                    Joy Level plus 2 more seats (4 total) at the Appreciation Dinner, and one                                                                                              "Angels are coming to Help YOU" for your office and will be called up and                                                                                              presented with a plaque of appreciation for your support.


                        Love Level:             $2,500                    Peace Level plus 2 more seats (6 total) at the Appreciation Dinner and logo on                                                                                      Universal Power Healing Website. Your name on nameplate on painting at                                                                                            hospital.


                        Angel Level:            $5,000                  Angel Level plus 2 more seats (8 total) at the Appreciation Dinner and logo on                                                                                       Universal Power Healing Website. Will be invited to the hopsital to be                                                                                                   acknowledged and photographed with staff, children and painting.


                        Bringer of the Light: $10,000                Angel Level plus a full page in the program for the Appreciation program, A                                                                                           page on the Universal Power Healing and STARS Sports and Educational                                                                                               Programs website under sponsors, and a 10 min sharing from the front of the                                                                                       room about your business or self.          



                                                      All sponsorships are tax deductible. Many thanks for your generosity!!!!



                                              Thank you again for all of your support in making our children in Need Smile!


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