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What Souls are saying About Blessed by an Angel and Universal Power healing:

Toni has been an absolute blessing in my life. She came out of nowhere at the perfect timing. I now realize that was not by mistake. I have gone through years of therapy and therapist trying to "heal" my mind body and soul. My first meeting with Toni was about 2 hours long. I received more healing from her in those two hours than I have from all my years of therapy. I feel so at peace and alive and I am on a new journey in life. I truly believe in the work that she is doing and in this book especially.
Sarah Cattaneo

Toni's book on angels is much more than a great read. Each Chapter has an energetic healing given directly from the Angels. I experienced a feeling of lightness and happiness after reading it. I highly recommend this book!
Elaine Smartt
Owner of New School Akido, Stockton Ca

Blessed by an Angel Healing Art

These Angels came to Toni one Angel at a time. Each Angel made themselves known through Toni Tirapelli, they showed her exactly how they wanted to be created and how they wanted to heal.

They are so heavenly and giving, all they want is to help You, feel at peace, love Yourself, rid Yourself of worry and concern and be in gratitude for all in Your life...

Help You live in the moment and love Your life.

These beautiful Angels are an extension of Toni’s healing work, which is an extension of Universal Power, Heavenly Father and are a blessing to all that lay their eyes upon them.

So please relax and receive all of the blessings.
May peace be with You Always and in All Ways


"Blessed By an Angel"

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