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Heartfelt Testimonials


​Toni I just want to tell you what a gift you are on this earth, and thank you for using your gift! I just Love you!

Janet Maniaci Hammons

Toni Tirapelli


The healing has worked, Mom is a new person today compared to yesterday. Thank you so much, your amazing.

Becky Nikocevic




Thank you Toni Tirapelli for healing my heart when I needed it when my heart was aching with the recent passing of my lovely sister Lulu. I know it’s a little late notice. . Thank you for your friendship as well. I treasure you.

Merly D. Shwetzer

The day I met Toni, forever changed my life. People say this, but I Mean it with All of my heart. I was in a dark place when we met, and even though it hasn't been perfect, its been better with her in it. She walked into my job one day and she was like an Angel! A beaming ray of light! I was instantly drawn to her. She invited me over on Mother's day.... We hung out, she did a little healing on me and my life has never been the same! I've attended two of her events in her home and it's amazing the love and light that I receive! Everyone around me tells me I'm different, shining, almost, every time I'm around her.  This woman is Not of this Earth! I'm Proud to call her one of my closest friends. She has taught me so much, and more importantly, has Never given up on me! She is truly gifted Human! An angel in Human form if you will.... She has such a healing power, and giving soul. I'm truly Blessed to have her in my life!   I tell Everyone about her and support everything she is about! I can't wait to see how far she will go ... She has the most giving heart, so selfless, so much love to give, and the Power. true power to heal!   I'm living proof that she is a truly gifted healer, and amazing friend. 

 Thank You Toni, 

from the bottom of my heart and soul. 

Adelia Cooper

Becoming the new me

With the wonderful background that Toni has with her body building, Spiritual healing coach and hypnosis...I am coming into the new me...hooray
When I stopped smoking 2 years ago I gained 30 lbs. only to add to the other weight that was all ready on my body (not good).
I did not like to work out, ate too much bread and sweets, and I was lucky if I had one glass of water a week.
With the assistance, the drive, the patients, understanding, and encouragement from Toni...I now drink water with every meal (ok not breakfast...that’s for coffee) oh wait coffee is made from
I no longer buy bread or sweets and walk on the treadmill everyday. I turned 70 last year and in 2020 I am looking forward to seeing the new me in the mirror.

And in gratitude to Toni...thank you with much love...BE

I was having a very difficult time weaning off of my anxiety and depression medication. I was experiencing what are known as brain zaps, and feeling very uncomfortable in most settings that normally calmed me down, like taking a yoga class or breathing deeply. Aside from my physical discomfort, mentally I felt totally stuffed and out of control. I was having breakdowns at work and felt like I was unable to function properly and appropriately in my life. Toni did a session on me, over the phone, and replaced old, stagnant belief patterns with new positive affirmations. In the 3 days that followed my life shifted totally and completely. Toni serves as a vessel to help us through the tunnel of darkness, into the light that shines so brightly on the other side. She is able to uncover this light that resides within each of us, and delivers it powerfully to the outside world. Her generosity spreads its wings to the world and breaks us of our shackles to our own negativity. She is a gift to us and I strongly recommend anyone and everyone experience her healing and sincerity. Thank you Toni!

                                                                                                                                        Maddy Ray xoxoxoxox

Toni's powerful healing abilities supported me in clearing some major blockages I had that were preventing me from moving forward in my intimate partnership. After a miraculous healing with Toni, I moved my consciousness from my head into my heart and realigned to my truth, purpose and partner. I am eternally grateful for Toni and the powerful work she is doing on the planet

                                                                                                                       Kara Seymour

                                                                                                                            yoga entrepreneur




Toni is a deeply connected and open hearted healer! She is working with some serious source energy from our Heavenly Father to heal us all. She is an ancient and wise soul! Her intuition helped me to clear and release and heal some very deep rooted pain. I am so grateful to have such a powerhouse of love and healing strength in my life!

                                                                                                                          Mellissa Fox





Thank you for all of your support~it has been a true life changing experience receiving your healing work! Your intuition and insight is incredible and I genuinely felt cared for. My heart goes out to you with immense gratitude and respect. Anyone who receives your help is in wonderful hands.

                                                                                                                              Love and Gratitude!

                                                                                                                           Beth Leigh




I was having a problem with my left shoulder. I went to the Dr and was told that I had a tear in my rotator cuff and that I would have to go through physical therapy. I went for my first session and they beat me up pretty bad. When Toni Tirapelli found out about my injury, she asked me if she could do Universal POWER Healing on me. I told her yes. We went to a private place and she did it. I have to say, I was very impressed!! I was immediately able to raise my arm above my head without pain! I was amazed! Thank you Toni for being so generous and thank you Heavenly Father for the healing!!                                      

                                                                                                                  Donna Woody Bellacera

I am blessed to of met you and your healing ❤️‍🩹 angels… my beautiful soul Angel sister.

I will never forget that feeling of feeling broken.. my son was diagnosed with CML just after getting married.. an my daughter was getting divorced.
I decided to go into your blessing of angels booth an you asked me if I felt a connection with any of angels you had displayed..
I never felt this empowered feeling through out my body with instant stream of tears following.. It was like I felt All the Angels were healing me at that moment. I felt this tremendous relief.. as it took this enormous weight off my body.
I was connected to
“Unconditional Love for our children”
I have this beautiful Angel in my sewing room where I often pick it up and hold
it and feel this unconditional feeling of continuously empowering feeling like I did when I first got it.





Majestic Wraps

I have several different Majestic Comfort Wraps, and they are such a life saver for me! They help me feel calm, peaceful, hopeful, emotionally uplifted, centered and grounded in my body, connected to spirit, loving and open-hearted. The wraps help with my various issues -- my back and knee pain goes away, my sinuses clear up, my tiredness releases and I feel energized, my depression lifts, and my anxiety releases. My cat had some health issues and the wraps help her too. She likes to sit on them, and they help with her inflammation, and they help heal her organs so she doesn't throw up her food, etc. What I love most about the wraps is they don't run out of energy, they keep generating more an more healing energy, so I can use them for healing long-term.


Thanks so much Toni!❤️❤️ - J. L. in Sacramento, CA

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