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Hosting a "Blessed By an Angel" Event

Have you ever thought about Hosting a "Blessed By an Angel" Event at your Home or Business?

Do you or anyone you know deal with anxiety, stress or depression?

Would you or anyone you know like to feel at peace?

Do you or anyone you know have physical discomfort that they would like to release?

Would you or anyone you know like those around you to just get along with one another?

If you answered yes to even one you may want to consider either hosting  or attending a Blessed By an Angel event.

Here are a few of the benefits of hosting.

Your home or business will be filled with healing energy.

You and your family and or business associates will feel more at peace.

The Host will receive either a whole house cleansing or whole business cleansing or a 45 minute healing session by Toni Tirapelli AKA The Angel Lady

What is a "Blessed By an Angel Event"

It is a either; Morning, Afternoon or Evening consisting of Opening and Closing Ceremony, Angel Blessings, Group Healing and Individual Healing. This is a very transformative event and everyone whom experiences it feels, calm, peaceful and loved.


This was an amazing event! I’m feeling lighter, happier and clear headed. Thank you for taking the huge burden off my shoulders. Your healing touch was so powerful it left me vulnerable and open to receiving your blessings. You are very much appreciated, and I look forward to spending more time with you and learning more about myself. Thank you for your work!!

Christina Castro Laramier

If you are interested in Hosting and or attending

Please send me a message through the "How Can I help" tab below to set up the Blessed By an Angel Event at your home or business.

As a Host you will provide:

Light Snacks and Water

Space that can accommodate up to 20 attendees*

As a host you will be inviting your friends to the event, set up a facebook event and make me a co host, I will then provide the poster for the event and links so they can pay through my website. I will show up with Angels, paintings, drum, and other items pertaining to the "Blessed By an Angel event"

Thank you so much for your interest in Hosting.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

*contact me if you have questions

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