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Blessings to YOU! By choosing this beautifully designed mug, hand crafted, designed and with Loving, compassionate and healing intentions by the Artist whom channeled the Angels, painted them and channeled the healing message.

Each Mug has a specific Blessing, for yourself and others. Which you will be part of the healing process just by you using the mug with your favorite beverage.

Each mug has been packaged in a kraft box, wrapped in golden tissue paper, and the mug itself has a scroll inside that contains the blessings and healing message for our Earth, along with instructions on how you can receive 4 different blessings of your choice. Blessings in which you yourself can receive as well.

You will be able to feel the Energy exchange between you and the mug. The artist has been blessed to be a blessing to All whom is open to receive.


The Mug is beautifully crafted, it itself is a piece of art. It is dishwasher safe, and a large 15 ounce size.

"Love, Peace and Harmony"

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