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These are Majestic Comforting Wraps that are infused with Angelic healing, crystal healing, essential oil healing and Universal Power Healing. They are simply amazing, you startFeeling the effects immediately even when you are in their presence. Once you are wrapped with them you start feeling; tingling, muscles relax, mind clearer, releases pain, clears sinuses... and so many other manifestiations.


The Majestic Comforting Wraps allow your body to heal itself by allowing it to relax and and feel calm and relaxed. Each Comforting wrap comes with a blessing that has been Channeled by Toni Tirapelli, Universal Power Healer.


These Majestic Comforting Wraps are completely machine washable and you can put them in the dryer as well. I would suggest if you use them on a regular just shake them out to recharge the comforting energy.

"Mother's Love

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