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My mission has always been to save Humanity and the world. I have been "Blessed to be a Blessing."

And will always continue on my mission to help as many people as well. I have sent healing to many people all over the world for many years will and that will always continue.

I started this on going fundraiser to help offset the costs of my work. I do a lot behind the scenes and I so love how I can help people in so many ways.

I now have a Traveling healing Center which I will be traveling the world sharing my gift with whom are in need.

There are a lot of folks whom need help and I want to help those.

So I want to send a dose of Gratitude and Appreciation to all whom see my work as a worthy cause. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and Soul.

Blessings ten fold to all.



Toni Tirapelli AKA Angel Lady

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