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Significance of The Numbers for the Healing Levels Above


Angel number 3 is very powerful and it has a strong impact on angel number 3333. Number 3 symbolizes the Trinity, which refers to your body, soul and mind. Angel number 3333 is that you have made good decisions in your life and have chosen the right path. Angel number 33 is reminding you that you are connected with divine forces, so you should let your angels enter your life and make important changes in it. In numerology number 33 is perceived as the Master number, which means that it will help you connect with the spiritual realms.


Angel number 4 is a symbol of strength, spiritual energy and perseverance. This number will bring you a great amount of energy at the moment when you are feeling weak. Sometimes the angel number 4 may be used as a symbol of changes that are going to happen in your life soon. 
Now we come to angel number 44 and we can say that this number is telling you to be patient, because very soon many good things will enter your life.
You may have been seeking abundance for too long and now it is time to enjoy it. You will be very successful in the future period and you will achieve all your goals. If angel number 4444 has entered your life, it will help you become self-confident and believe in yourself.


Angel number 5 usually symbolizes knowledge and your own determination in life. This number will motivate you to keep moving forward and to build your character. The secret message that your guardian angels want to send you through number 5555 is that you should be focused on your goals and you should try to reach them in the next period. The period that is coming will be very favorable for you, so you should use it to make some great things happen.


The constantly appearing numbers 11111 – symbolizes that next to you is one of the most powerful heavenly guardians, who is referred to as the Ascended Master. In numerology, this number is of primary importance, since not every person is worthy to have such a guardian next to him.The number 11111 is the visiting card of these Messengers, it indicates that they are ready to offer you their help.